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BETTER Winbreadboard Windows 7 6448


winbreadboard windows 7 6448

Category:Windows and Windows 95 Category:Software for Windows Category:Windows-only softwareQ: Powermock: using @PowerMockIgnore on static classes In the documentation of PowerMock, I saw the @PowerMockIgnore annotation: /** * Using @PowerMockIgnore is a convenient way to ignore calls * to static methods or classes. @PowerMockIgnore and * @PowerMockIgnoreClass can be mixed. * * @see PowerMockIgnore * @see PowerMockIgnoreClass * @see Mockito */ But when I have a class which is static, my application fails. Here is the exception I get: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Instrumenting non-public class$$EnhancerByMockitoWithCGLIB$$44a81356.test() A: Instrumenting static methods on classes is probably not a good idea. static methods are called directly on the class object, which means that they need an instance of the class to be called on (and which instance has to be created when you call powermock). Your method should either be @Mock or marked as @PowerMockIgnore. For a static method, you can also provide a mock object to the mockStatic method. EDIT The docs mention a "convenient way to ignore calls to static methods or classes". That's where you use the PowerMockIgnore annotation. Q: Why doesn't the output of this code show the same value as the result I get when the program runs? I have a problem with the code below: #include #include using namespace std; template class MyClass { public: MyClass(){cout

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BETTER Winbreadboard Windows 7 6448

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